Preparing for a Successful Interview

Career Tips , Interview Tips

Don’t miss out on any of the details that will make your interview successful! When meeting with your Recruiter prior to your interview, record all pertinent information concerning your interview as your Recruiter talks with you. Don’t trust your memory.

Check your directions carefully before leaving and allow ample travel time. We recommend you add an extra 10-20 minutes for emergencies.

Above all, BE PROMPT! Your prospective employer may be on a tight schedule, which could cut your interview time short or cause you to miss your interview entirely. Being late also creates an impression that you will not be punctual on the job. Be sure to call your Recruiter or the company you are interviewing with if you will be unavoidably delayed. If, upon arriving, you are kept waiting by the interviewer, please be patient. - Claire Longcor, Recruiter - Burnett Specialists Southwest Houston

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