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"Every candidate is punctual, responsible and gets on well with people. To avoid blending in with the crowd, highlight unique elements of your personal brand. For example, a candidate listed an around-the-world trip she took in college as an educational experience. When we read that, we had to hear the story, so she got an interview and eventually a job. Don't skip or gloss over the cover letter. This is your opportunity to make a personal impression and connection. A résumé is just a list of facts about you, but the cover letter gives a hiring agent insight into your personality. We hire people, not résumés.
"Salespeople learn to translate features into benefits. When you are trying to sell yourself, you should do the same. A feature is a fact about you -- experience, skills, education, etc. A benefit is why we should care. This requires some thought and customization of your résumé to each position you seek, but it is worth the effort. Casting a wide net by sending hundreds of generic résumés is largely wasted time. Instead, target a few positions for which you are well-suited at companies you admire. Customize and plan your approach. Connect to people who already work where you want to work through social media like LinkedIn, attend networking events for the industry and leverage your personal connections. Even a small connection can often get you past the first paper cut or get your résumé the second glance it deserves."
-- Matt Meuleners, executive partner at professional training and coaching company FOCUS Training
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