Do You Have “Red Flags” on Your Resume?

Resume Tips

 You’ve spent a lot of time creating your resume. Spend a few more minutes being sure there are no “red flags” that could sabotage a potential interview!

·  Your resume should never be titled "RESUME."

·  Skip the “Objective” unless it is specific to the type of job you are seeking. Never say, “I’m seeking a job with a growing, stable company where I can use my skills.” Who isn’t?

·  Don’t use colored paper. Use a good white bond for your printed copies.

·  Don’t use unusual fonts or script. Make your resume as easy to read as possible.

·  Check to be sure your contact numbers are all working and that your address is current.

·  Don’t use wacky personal email address like

·  Have someone else read your resume to be sure there are NO grammatical errors.

·  Have someone else read your resume to be sure that it clearly presents your skills and experience.

·  Be sure that all of your employment dates are correct and easy to find.

A resume is your chance to make a first impression. Don't be fancy, be factual! Errors on your resume will have you ending up in the trash, not the corner office. - Meredith Clem - Sr.Recruiter/Division Manager

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