9 Ways to Be More Memorable in Any Conversation

Career Tips

It’s obvious you want to be the second person in all these scenarios. Wondering how to cultivate that “memorability?” Here are nine techniques.

  1. Come up with a unique way of describing yourself and your background. (Business Insider)
  2. Pay attention to people. They’ll leave the conversation feeling respected and important. (The Daily Muse)
  3. Before you enter a room, listen to a song that gets you pumped. (Huffington Post)
  4. Find a cause. This gives people something with which to remember you (plus, you get to do good.) (Inc.)
  5. When people ask you, “How’s it going?” give an answer that stands out, rather than “busy” or “stressed.” (The Daily Muse)
  6. Look for commonalities when you talk to others. Let’s face it, it’s easier to remember someone who has something in common with us. (Strategic Solutions)
  7. Give out compliments. As long as they’re genuine, you’ll create a lasting impression. (LinkedIn Pulse)
  8. Remember their names and stories. Unfortunately, getting those details right is pretty rare—so you’ll stand out! (Inc.)
  9. End things on a good note. When the person you’re talking to starts summarizing the conversation or decreasing eye contact, it’s time to go. (Woman’s Day)

Source: By Aja Frost / theMuse  Follow her on Twitter @ajavuu!

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