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Most Effective Uses Of Time For A Job Seeker

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The key to being a successful job seeker is to have a strategic plan with specific goals you can track and measure each day/week.

By: Sean Harry


Candidates may lose employment opportunities by including fake job references.

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The reliability of professional references listed on a candidates resume or application may be questionable, therfore, damaging to their employment consideration or offers.

Article insert according to a survey from CareerBuilder.


The Written and Verbal Language - Are Bogus Words Acceptable?

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...most serious writers agree on the correct or preferred form of a word that is one of two or more variants, or on whether a word is acceptable at all.
A version of this article first appeared on DailyWritingTips.com. 


What does your voice mail greeting say about you?

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If your voice mail greeting is the first opportunity a prospective employer has to hear from you, what does your message say about you? Will your greeting make a positive, professional impression on your callers or will it alienate them before you even have a chance to meet to them?

Consider these suggestions for creating a professional voice mail greeting:

·         Your greeting should not contain any music.

·         Your voice on your greeting should be pleasant and well-articulated.

·         Your greeting should not be too long – about 20-25 seconds

·         Your greeting should not mislead the caller into thinking the phone is being answered when in reality it is a pre-recorded "Hello, Hello" - that is very rude.

·         Your greeting should be tasteful - nothing suggestive, off-color or discriminatory.

·         Your greeting should not be “silly” while you are job hunting.

Example of professional voice mail greeting:

“You’ve reached (your name). I'm currently unable to take your call. Please leave your name, phone number, and a brief message, and I will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you!"

Identify What Your Employer Does

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By: Jennifer Lowry - Direct Hire Consultant

On your resume, when listing the employer/company, it may be helpful to include a brief description of what the company does (in italics, but not bolded).  Don’t assume that the prospective client knows what your company does and they may not take the time to research it.  So if you describe it, it helps them understand why you may be a candidate that is a great fit for their industry. 


ABC Company – Houston, Texas                                                                                               2006 to Present

A valve sales and service distribution company serving South Texas and Louisiana territories.

Inside Sales Representative -

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