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The Secrets to Breaking Bad Habits

Health & Well-Being

Truth be told, we are all creatures of habits. We buy the same foods, prepare the same recipes, sit in front of the television snacking at night – you know those habits that are ingrained in our daily routines.
The problem is that we get so comfy in our routines, even when they undermine health, that it is hard to give up old habits. In order to help improve your health, you need to shake up your routine and start thinking differently about your diet, exercise and lifestyle routines.

The Secrets to Breaking Bad Habits
By Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD


Let It Go!

Career Tips , Health & Well-Being , On the Job Tips

With the first quarter of 2014 closing, what goals or practices do you need to let go of for 2014?

There are practices and behaviors that at one time served us well and now are slowing you down or even attracting negative thoughts and ruining your reputation. If it no longer meet your needs – let it go!


It’s Cold and Flu Season: 5 Problem Employer Flu Practices

Governmental Regulations , Health & Well-Being , Legal

Now is the time of year that you will see multiple articles and blog posts about cold and flu season.  This article addresses what companies can encourage within legal means or when the boundaries fall under acts of discrimination.

Article from: LinkedIn, American Staffing Association
By Christina Stoneburner
September 20, 2013


Habit or Willpower: Which Is Stronger?

Health & Well-Being , On the Job Tips

“Habits don’t require much willpower and thought and deliberation. So, the central question for behavior change efforts should be, how can you form healthy, productive habits?,” said Wendy Wood, PhD.

Article by Shirley Archer, JD, MA


Is "Thank you" really a simple gesture?

Health & Well-Being , Management Tips , On the Job Tips

Recognition can be an invaluable source of motivation and subsequently inspire people to do their best work!

Posted by Jeff Weiner, CEO LinkedIn
Written by: Anonymous


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