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9 Ways to Be More Memorable in Any Conversation

Career Tips

Success often depends on being memorable. Who would you hire: the nice but unremarkable candidate or the one who wowed you with not only her skills but her charisma? Who would you give the raise to: the guy who finishes all his projects but never gets noticed, or the guy who strategically calls attention to his wins? Who would you stay in touch with after a conference: the woman whose name you’ve already forgotten, or the professional who captivated the crowd with her hilarious stories? Learn more


Preparing for a Successful Interview

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Claire Longcor


First Impressions at Your Interview

Career Tips , Interview Tips

Ashley Olivas


How to be a class act and attract top-notch people

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Class is easy to recognize but much harder to define. Similarly, the absence of class is easy to detect -- and a serious flaw for anyone who aspires to be successful.

People can tell if you have class by the way you interact with others. If you have class, you don't need much of anything else to be a winner. If you don't have it, no matter what you do, it won't make up the difference. Money, notoriety or success by themselves won't give you class. Class comes from within, not from external sources.

Make a decision to recreate yourself as a class act and see what kind of people you start attracting. Do fewer things, but do them better. Change your behavior for the better. Raise the quality of your attitude. When you have a higher level of personal standards, you get better treatment from everyone around you.

Author: Harvey Mackay, 2014


Let It Go!

Career Tips , Health & Well-Being , On the Job Tips

With the first quarter of 2014 closing, what goals or practices do you need to let go of for 2014?

There are practices and behaviors that at one time served us well and now are slowing you down or even attracting negative thoughts and ruining your reputation. If it no longer meet your needs – let it go!


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